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Got Questions? - THE SCIP FAQS
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During the SCIP Engagement

What will the working schedule be under the three job formats?

Broadly, Tata SCIP provides three job format options: Projects, Consultant Roles and Full-Time Roles. The working hours for the Projects and Consultant Roles will have to be mutually decided between the candidate and manager. However, certain core hours will have to be spent on-site as agreed upon prior to acceptance of offer.

What is the duration of the Projects and Consultant Roles?

Projects can be for a duration of 3-6 months and working hours (not equating to full hours) are to be decided mutually between candidate and project guide. Consultant roles can be for a duration of 6-12 months and working hours are to be mutually decided between candidate and reporting manager.

On completing the Project, can the duration be extended?

On completion of a Project or a consulting assignment, it can be extended subject to the requirements of the hiring company.

What are the guidelines for remuneration?

The remuneration will be determined by the hiring company depending on the job format selected:
1. Projects: Dependent on duration and nature of the project and experience of the candidate
2. Consultant Roles: Dependent on the role, relevant experience and project duration
3. Full-time roles: As per the respective Company policy

Will the remuneration be taxed?

Yes, appropriate tax deduction at source will be made before the remuneration is paid. TDS certificates will be issued wherever applicable. Service Tax, if applicable, will be paid provided tax invoice is raised along with appropriate Service Tax registration.
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